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Vinyl Flooring Benefits 

In the past, stone, wood, and ceramic floors used to be extremely popular with people who want a bit more eye-pleasing flooring solution. However, after weighing the pros and cons of vinyl flooring plans, many of our residential and commercial clients came to realise that vinyl is an amazing alternative that can come at a much lower cost. 

Furthermore, these ‘higher-class’ flooring materials don’t always provide the finest levels of comfort and require a much greater level of care. Do you have the time and energy needed to clean and maintain them? In case the answer is no, you’re surely going to want to hear more about vinyl! 


Vinyl plank flooring is highly resistant to any damage and wear – stomp on it in your heels or muddy shoes and you’ll see that it will remain unspoiled and any street grit that gets on it will be easy to remove. This quality is one of the main things why people around the world fell in love with vinyl flooring – once they installed it in one of their rooms, they decided to place it in all the other as well and stop worrying once and for all whether or not it will get damaged. 

Ease of Maintenance

Since the vinyl planks that we have here at Carpet Right are stain-resistant, you don’t have to run around the house checking for spills and stains all the time. No matter what gets on the floor, you can simply take an old rag, a cleaning solution you have under the kitchen sink and viola – one swipe across the plank and it will look as good as new! 

Healthy Environment

Since vinyl can be so easily cleaned, the dust and dirt particles are not so easily dispersed into the air as it is the case with some other floors. Evidently, vinyl planks are one of the best options for families with small kids – keep your entire home spotless so that the little ones can grow in the healthiest environment you can provide them with. 

Elegant Design

In recent years, due to vinyl’s growing popularity, designers and manufacturers of flooring solutions decided to broaden their range and create a variety of patterns and colours that would mimic other types of floors, like wood, ceramic, or stone. Owing to their efforts, now you can select a vinyl plan that will help you elevate your existing room design, making it more modern and elegant without you having to splurge for a more expensive flooring solution. 


Vinyl flooring is much more affordable in comparison to other materials. In addition to its price per square metre being lower, its resistance to wear, stain, and water gives you a floor that will look almost as good as the day you bought it for the next 10 years – or even more! 

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Planks have become a very popular choice in the home. With their water-resistant properties and resilience, they provide both residential and commercial clients with the perfect choice of a flooring solution in all rooms in the house, including the kitchen and bathroom.

The choice of residential and commercial vinyl flooring available these days is more extensive than ever before. The range includes product solutions for all rooms in your home or place of business. Vinyl Plank Flooring is ideal for all industries, ranging from hospitality, healthcare, education and recreation just to name a few.

Cushion Vinyl Sheeting

Cushion vinyl sheeting has evolved from the days of a simple kitchen linoleum to a modern, trendy floor covering. You can achieve the same look as solid wood, marble, stone or ceramics at an affordable price. Cushion vinyl flooring is also hygienic and easy to clean.

Not only is it an attractive option, but it is extremely durable, provides a soft feeling under your feet, radiates warmth, and is known for its quick and easy installation.

First Grade Vinyl Flooring 

Carpet Right is one of the largest providers of flooring solutions in Sydney. We collaborate with only the highest-rated and recognised industry manufacturers to ensure you are getting the best possible value for your money. Each and every vinyl flooring solution from our selection is hand-picked by our staff members who have years of experience on the job. 

In our stock, you will discover Artemis Vinyl Flooring Collection from Godfrey Hirst. To make sure we can accommodate everyone’s specific tastes, we stock a wide range of colours – from lighter nude shades to some more darker tones, so you’re bound to find the flooring solution that matches the interior design of your home or office. 

All vinyl floors from Artemis collection are made from laminate and vinyl to produce a unique and high-quality product that will serve you for years just as well as it did the first week you installed it. These floors are widely praised for their stain and wear resistance, as well as the resistance to fade. This means they are perfect for those who are looking for a long term flooring solution in high-frequency areas, in homes with little kids who play all the time inside and houses with pets. Additionally, the Artemis collection is designed for wet areas so you can install vinyl flooring in your kitchen and bathroom as well and enjoy its ease of maintenance. 

Take a closer look at the collection below and find the colour that you believe will fit best in your space! The collection we’ve stocked for you was carefully selected by our team of experts. We aim to set industry standards in terms of quality, so you can count on us to deliver you with a flooring solution that will serve you effectively in the long run. 

Contact one of the Carpet Right branches today and find out more about the vinyl flooring options on offer.



PRODUCT INFORMATION The Artemis range from Godfrey Hirst features 6 beautiful colours choices with the visual appeal of timber and combines the attributes of laminate and vinyl to produce a truly unique product. Dimensions:  1513 x 223 x 5.5mm Thickness: 5.5mm Box Qty...

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