1. Goods already cut or specifically ordered for a customer cannot be cancelled or deposit refunded.
  2. Acceptance of our goods, services and quotation is automatic acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  3. We accept no responsibility for doors not closing or rubbing on the carpet surface. Customers must check for adequate clearance and/or remove doors prior to installation. Any costs resulting in assistance must be paid directly to the layer.
  4. Some cut pile carpets may exhibit an appearance change of random light and dark areas after installation. This is known as shading, pile reversal, pile crush or watermarking and is caused by movement in carpet fibre in different directions. Colour variations from samples to actual stock may exist, due to dye batch differences. The customer acknowledges that this does not indicate the floor coverings are defective and is not a manufacturing fault.
  5. Payment in full is required on the date of installation unless otherwise agreed upon. If deposit payment is made by credit card, I authorise Carpet Right P/L to debit the balance from my credit card one day after installation.
  6. Any account not paid within specified terms will be liable to interest charges at a rate of 15% p.a. and such interest will be added to the account (capitalised) at the end of each month and form part of the principal debt. Any storage longer than 3 months will attract a monthly charge of $50.
  7. Any account outstanding for more than 60 days will be liable to meet the cost of debt recovery action, legal and/or commissions and accounting charges. Such recovery charges will be added to the buyer’s account and form part of the principal debt.
  8. Title of goods purchased does not pass at law until payment in full of the account to which the goods relate.
  9. Timber is a natural product and variation from samples do and will occur in colour and features. The customer acknowledges that this does not indicate the floor coverings are defective and is not a manufacturing fault.
  10. All furniture and personal items should be removed from the area to be carpeted prior to installation, unless stated on original order. Failure to do so will result in extra charges. Extras and accessories not included on original quotation will also result in additional charges.
  11. Any existing floor coverings must be removed prior to installation unless stated on original order. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.
  12. Floors should be in sound condition and clear of all trade waste prior to installation. Please note that old underlay can sometimes be stuck to the floor. Any subfloor preparation will be at the customer’s expense
  13. Customers must give 72 hours notification if intending to alter or cancel an installation/delivery date. Failure to notify will result in a $150 charge.
  14. All care but no responsibility can be accepted for minor damage to decorations/paintwork, furniture, tiles, etc. No responsibility accepted for damage to telephone wires, computer cabling or stereo equipment relocation and/or reassembly. It is illegal to run power cables under carpet.
  15. Installation dates quoted are estimates only as delays caused by manufacturing or transport are beyond our control. Delays will not attract any discount.
  16. Individual Manufacturer’s warranty applies in accordance with consumer law.
  17. As some carpets are more visible than others all seams and join locations are placed at the discretion of Carpet Right unless specially instructed.
  18. Whilst our suppliers use the best available techniques to minimise pattern distortion during manufacture, the extensible nature of textile products means that some distortion due to shrinkage or stretch is unavoidable, such that perfect pattern match cannot be guaranteed particularly over multiple width installations.
  19. If at time of installation it is determined that floor preparation is required, then the customer is liable for this cost.
  20. Carpet Joins are a necessary part of every carpet installation. Some carpet weaves such as loop pile may be more noticeable. There also may be the appearance of a shade difference between carpet on either side of a join caused by light reflection. The customer acknowledges that these do not indicate and installation or manufacturing defect.
  21. Any water pipe encased in a concrete slab must be at a minimum depth of 50mm as per Australian standards. Carpet Right is not liable for damage to any pipes that do not meet this requirement.
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