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Who Doesn’t Love A Beautiful, Natural Timber Floor?

Wood flooring is still the most desired flooring in the home with its sophisticated and elegant look. Though it comes with a slightly heftier price tag, it has revived in popularity due to the tone of sophistication it adds to your homes space. 

Engineered timber has become a favourite in new and modern homes because of the variety of international species of wood that are available on the market. Timber flooring is hard-wearing and has a timeless appeal that will hold its good looks for years to come, particularly since it’s unique elegance is not dictated by fading fashion trends.

Samples and website images that you can see on Carpet Right website are an indication of colour and finish only. Colour, grain, and textural variations from samples will occur due to the nature of real timber.

Benefits of Timber Flooring

In recent years, timber flooring has become increasingly popular among our residential customers. Not only is it exceptionally attractive and has the power to add a touch of elegance to any space, but wood flooring is also tough – tougher than some other flooring solutions. Add relatively easy maintenance to the mix and you’ll realise why it has been around for so many decades. 

Timber flooring is tough

Carpet Right carefully selects each product that enters our stock. We want you to get the best deal and the finest wood flooring solution for your money, which is why we collaborate with world-class flooring manufacturers.

Make a Practical Choice

In terms of maintenance, taking care of timber will not be a challenge. All you will be needing is an antistatic mop to use weekly to collect dust and dirt you cannot avoid. Then once a month, we recommend cleaning it with a damp mop to keep its surface shiny and prolong its lifespan. In about ten years, the flare is likely to fade and you will need to put on a fresh coat. 

Versatile Design Options

Wood flooring is an amazing standalone solution as it allows you to redesign your home around it any way you like. You can introduce both traditional and modern design elements and make it work! On the other hand, you can even decide to add a carpet of your choice and create a more layered environment and visually separate your room in several zones.   

Wood is an Eco-friendly Solution

Much less energy is used to produce wood flooring than some alternatives. And when the time comes to dispose of your old floor – know that wood breaks down naturally and doesn’t leak toxic material like some other materials. Carpet Right is actively involved in saving the environment and we strive to preserve our planet and its beauties. In our selection, you’ll discover flooring made from natural wood – join the movement and care for Mother Earth by installing timber flooring in your home! 

Create a Calming and Welcoming Environment

Some research even suggests that wood has a variety of benefits on a person’s mental state. It can, to some extent, aid in the reduction of blood pressure and heart rate, as well as have a calming feeling and reduce your stress levels. Since timber is a natural insulator, it sustains heat much better in comparison to other floors, which you’ll find quite beneficial and economical during colder winter months when you’ll feel the need to turn up the heat a bit. 

Health benefits of Timber Flooring

Wood flooring can improve air quality and have a positive effect on your health. Since it’s great on its own and you don’t need to add carpet, it’s ideal in homes where family members suffer from allergies. When put this way, there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t choose a natural flooring solution that will create a better living environment for your family.

Purchase Wood Flooring at Carpet Right

Make anyone who enters your home envious of the attractive and hard-wearing timber flooring solution. Carpet Right aims to keep its prices competitive, thus giving you the highest quality product you can find on the market at a fair price. 

Check out our wood flooring offer and contact us once you make the final decision – or in case you have any additional questions!

Regal Oak

Regal Oak

Regal Oak handcrafted timber flooring has a distressed matte finish and round edges for a rustic look. The stunning colours are smoked rather than stained to provide consistent colour all the way through the hardwood top.



From the dark red browns of Jarrah to the blonde beauty of Blackbutt, Naturals offers an understated satin finish to bring traditional hardwood floors into the modern home.



Villa highlights the authentic texture and grain of timber. Your floor becomes the focal point of your interior, with the unique pattern features of each board accentuated by subtle micro beveled edges. Transform your space today with this stunning, high quality oak floor.

Carpet, laminate, vinyl, hybrid & timber. All the right flooring, at the right price.

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