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Laminate Flooring is a popular option, and for a good reason

Stylish, modern, traditional, and rustic are some of the best ways to describe laminated flooring. In comparison to the carpet industry, laminate flooring is a fairly new option, however, it continues to grow in popularity.  

At Carpet Right we stock only the superior ranges and designer collections of commercial and residential quality laminate flooring. The product has a decorative layer of wood-look print, finished with a high-quality surface grading making laminate flooring durable and comfortable.

Though once it was a less preferred flooring solution, laminate has become widely popular and is now used in both residential and commercial environments. 

What is Laminate

Laminate is a hybrid flooring solution which is made of particleboard wood. High-density boards are used as a core material and they are put together to form one board covered with a top-quality backing and photographic layer. These layers are then combined through the process of lamination – which is exactly how this type of flooring solution got its name! 

It’s the best and most affordable alternative to natural stone or hardwood flooring which can take quite a toll on your budget, especially if you’re looking to redesign large flooring areas. 

However, don’t think that lower price instantly means much lower quality. In fact, laminate is praised for its durability and ease of maintenance which makes it ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. 

What Are the Benefits of Laminate Flooring?

Easy Installation

Laminate is widely praised for its ease of installation. It is known for its modernized tongue-and-groove technique of joining boards. For this reason, a number of homeowners choose to install laminate flooring on their own without having to dig into their budget to pay for a team of professionals. The time it takes to install laminate greatly depends on the size of the area you wish to cover, but generally speaking – it’s a two-day job when you’re looking to refresh one sizeable room in your home. 

Easy Maintenance

Because it’s highly resistant to stains, laminate is extremely easy to clean. This makes it highly popular with people who have kids and pets and thus don’t have to worry about always running around the house to clean the surface right away.  


If you clean and tend to your laminate the right way, you can increase its already enviable life span. To get the best and most accurate cleaning and maintenance tips, please refer to Carpet Right staff at any time! We have years of industry experience and are more than happy to share a few tips and tricks with you to ensure that you get flooring that will meet your needs and continue to serve you right for years. 

Versatile Use

Laminate flooring is quite popular among both our residential and commercial clients. On the one hand, people choose it for the comfort of their own home – for their living room, bedroom, dining room and hallway areas, due to its durability and easy cleaning. Some even decide to install this type of floor covering in their kitchen as it’s resistant to stains, which makes the cleaning of the area effortless. Just as well, laminate fits in with any office interior – no matter if you aim for a modern or traditional design. Don’t be surprised if you see laminate flooring in a local Sydney school, restaurant, gym, or a health care centre.

Opportunity for Creative Design

Laminate is a great standalone flooring solution. Still, if you wish to add a bit of flair to your home or office, you can combine it with a high-quality carpet. At Carpet Right, we offer the widest range of wool and nylon carpets that are bound to fit in with your existing interior decor. 


In comparison to some other flooring solutions, laminate can be quite affordable. Furthermore, by purchasing laminate from Carpet Right, you are investing in high-quality flooring that will serve you long term. Our products are designed from first-grade materials resistant to fading, wear, and stains, and thus a smart investment that will pay off in the long term. 

Carpet Right Selection of Laminate Flooring 

Please feel free to browse our site or alternatively visit one of our eight retail stores and speak to a professional sales coordinator. Whilst every effort has been made to categorise the ranges correctly, please check with your local store to confirm which ranges and colours are available.



Easy Installation

Often a popular product for DIY installation.


Wow Factor

Real wood look and feel at a fraction of the cost.


Very Durable

Excellent value and hard-wearing flooring.


Easy Maintenance

Simply sweep, vacuum and mop with mild detergent.


No Fuss

Can be installed over your existing flooring.


Long Lasting

Strong protection against stains and scuffs.

If you take a look at our product selection below, you’ll discover that Carpet Right offers two of the most popular collections of laminate – Vista and Belle XL.

VISTA Laminate

Products from Vista collection come in a standard panel size (1216 x 197 x 8mm) and with 8mm thickness. This type of laminate is fade and wear-resistant, which means it will maintain its sleek look for years. Additionally, it’s highly resistant to stains, which makes it easy to maintain. Vista collection laminate comes in 8 different colours to match your specific interior design.

BELLE XL Laminate

Products from Belle XL collection come in a standard panel size (2050 x 240 x 8mm) and with 8mm thickness. Just as the laminate flooring from Carpet Right Vista selection, these flooring solutions are fade, stain, and wear-resistant, what makes this type of laminate a highly durable solution. Belle XL is a selection of 8 laminate colours, suitable for any modern interior environment. 

Feel free to browse through our selection below and find the laminate that meets your requirements both aesthetically and functionally. Our aim is to meet every single one of our customer’s demands – and at an affordable price.

Carpet, laminate, vinyl, hybrid & timber. All the right flooring, at the right price.

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