Carpet Thornleigh  

Do you require a creative interior design or do you already know exactly what you want but can’t seem to find a carpet that will help you fulfil your vision? 

Worry no more and look no further – Carpet Right is one of Sydney’s largest providers of carpets and flooring solutions. We originally started all the way on the other side of the globe however, we decided to move Down Under and offer our unique products to the local Aussie customers. 

Today, we are widely praised for the quality of our carpets. Carpet Right has carpet stores and mobile showrooms so that we are always just a few minutes away from your home or office that you wish to redesign.

Young child laying on the carpet on his back.


Why Do I Need Carpet?

Carpets have been everyone’s preferred type of flooring solution for centuries and their popularity only seems to grow by the day. How come? 

Carpets Add Warmth In Your Home

A carpet can add warmth to the room both aesthetically and quite literally. On the one hand, no matter the design, colour, or pattern, a carpet can be a great accessory in any room and can easily become the focal point; an element that somehow ties all the other pieces together.

On the other, a carpet is a practical piece of flooring solution, especially during the colder days. It provides comfort and warmth to your underfoot, isolating you from the cold air that can at times radiate from a simple laminate, wood, concrete or stone flooring.

Father laying on his back holding his son.

Carpets Have Noise Reduction Properties

Especially those who live in apartment buildings will highlight how a carpet in Thornleigh can be an effective tool used to reduce noise and clatter. It’s a busy suburb and it can at times get a little loud. A carpet can serve as a layer of protection against the sounds that come from your downstairs neighbour. 

Carpets Prevent Slips

Do you have children running around the house, playing all day long? While a child’s laughter can heal you even on the most stressful of days, hearing their feet stomping in the other room can raise your stress levels.

This is why many parents choose to place carpets in all rooms in their house – so that the kids can run around carelessly, without their mom and dad worrying that they’ll fall. A carpet is a slip-resistant surface, and even if someone does fall during a child play – they will land on a soft surface that will minimise the chances of injury. 

Woman laying on her back on white coloured carpet.


Our Carpeted Path to Success

Carpet Right was first established in London around 50 years ago. Exceptional customer service, paired with first-grade products and reasonable prices provided us with the room to grow. Step by step, our business expanded and became one of the most sought after providers of carpets and other flooring solutions in the city. 

In 1988, Carpet Right decided to move to Australia and set up a local store that would satisfy the needs of nearby homes and offices. Quite quickly, the word of our workmanship spread across the city and we managed to become the most popular carpet store for Thornleigh residents and beyond. 

Why You Will Find the Best Carpet in Thornleigh at Carpet Right

Here are just a few reasons you’re bound to hear your friends and family talk about.

We Offer the Widest Range of Carpets

Have you finished redesigning a room in your home and think that all that’s missing is a carpet to spice up the atmosphere? You may just be right! No matter how great the overall feel maybe, space could feel rather incomplete without a fitting carpet.  

We’ve heard it time and time again – I know what I want, I just can’t seem to find it anywhere! 

Has this happened to you, as well? If so, then Carpet Right is the right place for you! We are highly praised for offering the widest range of carpets in Thornleigh . Since the first time we opened our doors to our local customers, we vowed to one thing: doing whatever it is in our power to provide individual customers with a product that will meet their criteria and suit their taste. 

Thus, when in need of a carpet in Thornleigh , visit our store and talk to our staff – describe your needs and we’ll provide you with a carpet to meet them.

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We Employ Only Professional and Knowledgeable Staff

There are also cases when our customers are unsure which carpet will best match their existing room design. That’s where Carpet Right team jumps in to help – to provide unmatched services and best advice, we employ only the finest professionals who have years of experience in selling carpets. Our staff members know all there is about carpets – their types, manufacturing methods and materials – and we can explain the pros and cons of individual carpets. With our help, you’ll easily discover the carpet that best matches your requirements. 

We also pride ourselves in our creative eye so we can also advise you on the best design and pattern for your space. 

Don’t hesitate – Carpet Right is at your service to provide you with the finest cheap carpet in Thornleigh . Visit one of our stores or mobile showrooms to see what we’ve prepared for you. 

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We Deliver First Class Carpet Flooring in Thornleigh

Though we promise a competitive and fair price on all of the carpets from our selection, this doesn’t mean that you are compromising the quality. Carpet Right collaborates with only the most reputable manufacturers of carpets and other flooring solutions. What is more, we hand-select each carpet to ensure you are getting only the best product that can be found on the market. 

This way we can guarantee that the carpet you get at Carpet Right is made from only the best materials and that it has undergone several quality checks before it ended up on the floor of your home or office. In the end, you can be certain that the carpet you select will elevate the design of your home and stay attractive for years to come. 

Getting a cheap carpet in Thornleigh doesn’t mean that you’ll need a replacement flooring solution in a few years. Carpet Right stocks only the highest quality carpets and we are at your service every workday in one of our stores or mobile showrooms in case you have any questions! 

We are proud of our rich array of carpet flooring that is bound to meet the needs of any customer who comes our way. 

At Carpet Right, you can find a cheap carpet in Thornleigh that will provide you with the quality you expect!

Please note: We created this page specifically to help people who require carpeting solutions in Thornleigh . Please feel free to visit one of our stores or contact us and one of our mobile showrooms will come to you!