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Timber Flooring Redfern

If you wish to enrich your home with quality, durable, and elegant flooring, timber is the way to go and Carpet Right is the place to be! 

We are Sydney’s largest independent flooring retailer that boasts more than 50 years of experience working in the industry! We simplify the process of selection and installation of the best timber flooring in Redfern, giving you a peace of mind. With Carpet Right, you know you are getting the best value for your money, and the most reliable pair of hands to help you set up your new flooring with ease.  

Why You Need Timber Flooring in Redfern

For centuries, timber flooring has been among the most popular flooring choices around the world. It’s undisputed quality and versatility are the characteristics that makes it everyones’ favourite, no matter the taste or design of their home or office. It has the power to elevate any interior and give it a touch of class, all while perfectly matching all other furniture and decorative pieces that you have already chosen for your space.  

Timber Flooring is Durable 

If you are looking for a long term investment that will ensure you get a clean, fresh, and untouched look for years to come, know that you cannot go wrong with wood flooring. At Carpet Right especially, wood flooring is built to meet the highest quality standards. To maintain the status of the most reputable provider of timber flooring in Sydney. Carpet Right collaborates with only the biggest flooring manufacturers in the country. This way we ensure you install only the finest timber laminate flooring in Redfern you can find. 

Timber is Easy to Clean

Unlike other types of flooring, wood flooring does not accumulate as much dust and debris. For this reason, it is considered low maintenance and extremely easy to clean. This makes it one of the top choices among families with young children and pets, because you don’t have to worry about every stain and spill that gets onto the surface of your timber floor.When you get the chance, you can simply mop up when accidents happen, and conduct a more detailed cleaning once a week. 

Wood Flooring is Practical 

Considering the fact that it is durable and easy to maintain, wood flooring is labelled practical. First off, its’ installation will not take up too much of your time, especially if you decide to get wood flooring in Sydney from Carpet Right. We boast a team of skilled and friendly professionals who are more than happy to set up the flooring you select in your home or office. We always schedule an appointment when it best suits you and arrive on time so that you don’t have to spoil your entire day because of us. We are fast but attentive to details, which means we will do the job right in the shortest amount of time. Once the Carpet Right team finishes the installation of timber flooring in your Redfern home, we will clean up after ourselves so that you can go back to your obligations immediately – like no work has been done in the first place!

Timber Flooring is Beneficial for Your Health

Did you know that indoor air quality is much worse than outdoor? Unfortunately, modern living habits have minimised the quality of living in the city, but if you select wood flooring for your interior – you can provide your family with a healthier environment. Namely, with timber, there are no grout lines, embossing, or fibres. As such, this type of flooring doesn’t attract as much dander, allergens, and other particles as some other flooring materials or carpets. Its’  unique structure makes it perfect for family members who struggle with allergies and families with young children who they want to keep healthy. 

Timber Flooring is Friendly to the Environment

Much less energy is used for the production of timber flooring, and when the time comes to dispose of it – rest assured that it will break down naturally without leaking any toxic materials. Carpet Right is your most trusted providers of wood flooring in Sydney and we are focused on delivering eco-friendly solutions that will not only benefit your wellbeing, but the wellbeing of the entire world!

Wood Flooring is Versatile

Have you already decided how you want to design your home? Don’t worry, whichever way you go, timber laminate flooring will be a perfect match. It comes in a wide range of shades, colours, and patterns, thus making it diverse enough to fit in with both modern and traditional design. At the same time, it makes a strong impact but it will not draw attention from other elements.

Timber Flooring in Redfern will Increase Your Home’s Value

Evidently, all the above listed benefits make timber flooring in Redfern the smartest choice you can make for your home. All this makes it one of the most preferable choices around the world and in Sydney, which is why many choose to install it when they wish to increase the value of their property. If you rely on Carpet Right to supply you with quality wood flooring in Sydney, rest assured you will be getting it at a fair price. Even if you plan on selling your home, this investment is bound to pay off in the end! 

Why Purchase the Best Timber Flooring in Redfern at Carpet Right

For more than 5 decades, Carpet Right has been supplying residential and commercial properties with first-class flooring solutions. Since the establishment, our focus has been on delivering top notch flooring solutions that exceed industry standards and set the bar high for our competitors worldwide. Carpet Right employees possess the knowledge needed to recognise high quality timber flooring, and each product from our selection was hand-picked to exceed your standards. 

We Will Help You Choose

They say – cut once, measure twice – and that’s what we do here at Carpet Right. Over the years we have had the pleasure of enriching many homes and offices with the best timber flooring in Redfern and we can help you purchase the right quantity for your space. Contact us to agree on the best time to arrive at your location, measure the room(s) and advise on the best choice you can make. We are even widely praised for our keen design eye, so even if you haven’t decided on the best wood flooring solution – we can recommend a shade or pattern that will match the character of your interior. 

Take Advantage of our Competitive Prices

Carpet Right is praised for its fair service and prices. Since the beginning, we wanted to ensure our customers are making the smartest investment possible which is why we ensured the flooring solutions from Carpet Right are of the highest quality and lowest possible price. You won’t get a better deal anywhere else in Sydney! 

Browse through our selection of timber flooring and get the product that you feel is most suitable for you! There is no wrong decision with Carpet Right! 

Carpet, laminate, vinyl, hybrid & timber. Right flooring at the right price.

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